Rain Pipe 32MM


32MM= 1..25 inch Rain Pipe
32MM Rain Pipe India’s Most successful Rain Pipe For All vegetables.
This Rain Pipe is used where crop height is less than 3ft like Onion, Garlic, brinjal, etc..
1 Roll= 1 Bundle= 100 Meter= 328 Feet
Area Coverage of 32MM Rain Pipe = 6 Feet Left + 6 Feet Right= 12 Feet
Required Motor capacity= 2HP, 3HP, 5HP.
Distance between two Rain Pipe= 12 Feet
How to install This Rain Pipe to PVC / HDPE Sprinkler Pipe
This fittings are just like same as it is of Drip Irrigation fittings
– Take 32MM Drill bit make a hole put Grommet/visor
-Then Put take off
-Then Put valve and MTA
-Then Connect the Rain Pipe
Maximum Laying length in one line is 200 Feet
Life = 2 Years

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