4 – Way Fogger


Lower Cost –Our Foggers are affordably priced – much less than high pressure fog systems.
Highly Uniform Application – With an operating pressure range of 3-5 kg/cm2, these foggers produce an average droplet size of 70-90 microns (at 4 kg/cm2) each and every time. This creates a “blanket of fog” or zone of saturated humidity ideal for rooting. Each nozzle of the 4-Way Fogger has a flow rate of 2.0 GPH.
Material – Acetal
Secondary Filter – It is required to operate having 75-100 Micron Mesh Size.
Opening Pressure – 1.5 Bar
Closing Pressure – 3.5 Bar

Where are these Foggers used in summer season
– Animal husbandry.
– poultry Forming.
– Plant Nursery.
– Metal Roof shed to keep environment cool.

How to Connect these Foggers
-Take a Plane 16MM or 20MM Drip Pipe make a hole connect it’s very simple
-It Doesn’t require much pressure you can run this on battery sprayer also.
-you can also run this on small motor also

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