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25MM Rain Pipe for Sugarcane

25MM 1inch Rain Pipe 25MM Rain Pipe India's Most successful Rain Pipe For Sugarcane, Cotton , leaf etc.. This Rain Pipe is used where crop height is more than 5ft like Sugarcane , cotton etc.. 1 Roll= 1 Bundle= 100 Meter= 328 Feet -Area Converge of 25MM Rain Pipe = 3 Feet Left + 3 Feet Right= 6 Feet -Required Motor capacity= 2HP, 3HP, 5HP, 10HP, 15HP, 20HP, -Distance between two Rain Pipe= 12 Feet -How to install This Rain Pipe to PVC / HDPE Sprinkler Pipe -This fittings are just like same as it is of Drip Irrigation fittings -Take 32MM Drill bit make a hole put Grommet/visor -Then Put take off -Then Put valve and MTA -Then Connect the Rain Pipe Maximum Laying length in one line is 200 Feet Life = 3 Years -Take Rain Pipe quality Lay flat/Lapeta tube -Cut with marker given -Insert the saddle from opening of the pipe. -Put visor then clip -Now connect the adopter -Now connect the valve and Rain Pipe