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Lay flat Irrigation

-This is not a normal Lay flat / Lapeta tube this tube made from Rain Pipe Material this can sustain high pressure of more than 1.5Kg -This Pipe is 2.5inch and length of 200 feet. -This pipe has life more than 4 years because this is made from Rain Pipe material it will not be damaged by sunlight -This material is made of Pure virgin quality PE comes with 6.5KG -NOTE: IF ANY FARMER NEEDS LAY FLAT TUBE IN ANY SIZE AND ANY WEIGHT WE CAN MANUFACTURE ACCORDING TO YOUR REQUIREMENT

Lay flat tube/ Lapeta Pipe/ Foldable Pipe

This lay flat tube/ Lapeta pipe is made from Rain Pipe Quality Material -Size: 2.5 Inch -Weight= 6.5Kg -Length=200Feet -High strength can sustain high Pressure -Most of the farmer prefer this quality pipe because of its -Strength -Durability - can sustain up to 1.5Kg Pressure