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4 – Way Fogger

Foggers Lower Cost –Our Foggers are affordably priced - much less than high pressure fog systems. Highly Uniform Application - With an operating pressure range of 3-5 kg/cm2, these foggers produce an average droplet size of 70-90 microns (at 4 kg/cm2) each and every time. This creates a "blanket of fog" or zone of saturated humidity ideal for rooting. Each nozzle of the 4-Way Fogger has a flow rate of 2.0 GPH. Material – Acetal Secondary Filter - It is required to operate having 75-100 Micron Mesh Size. Opening Pressure – 1.5 Bar Closing Pressure – 3.5 Bar Where are these Foggers used in summer season - Animal husbandry. - poultry Forming. - Plant Nursery. - Metal Roof shed to keep environment cool. How to Connect these Foggers -Take a Plane 16MM or 20MM Drip Pipe make a hole connect it's very simple -It Doesn't require much pressure you can run this on battery sprayer also. -you can also run this on small motor also

4- way Fogger

4 way Foggers are used in poul try, Animal husbandry, Nursery/ poly houses. Droplet size:90 Micron How to Connect: Take 2 Plane Drip Pipe Make a small hole then directly connect You can Connect it by 16MM 0r 20MM Drip pipe. Benefits of using a fogger - Always keeps the environment cool - just because the Drop let size are very small it falls like a fog - Foggers are now mostly used for cattle farming because cattle's have very less food in summer so to keep the cattle cool these are used NOTE: Price of the Fogger depends on the drop let size of the Foggers the more is the Drop let size the higher will be the cost because the waterfall is just like fog