NOTE 1: As our Products will be heavy in weight we usually deliver all our products by Transport / Logistics Service For Eg: VRL Logistics, NAVATA, ARC, TCI etc..

NOTE 2:We have Stopped delivering materials through Train because of COVID-19.
NOTE 3: Bus Parcel is available we can deliver by Govt Bus and Private bus also

We Deliver all our Products All over INDIA Here are Everyday Transport receipt to different State different city in India

Difference between Transport and Courier.


1)Transport is cheap and best,2)Charges are very low,3)Delivery is fast,4)4-5 Days delivery time,5)Live tracking is availble,6)Charges for 1 Kg=10Rs

Courier Service

1)Courier is costly, 2)Charges are very high, 3)Delivery is fast,4)6-7 Days delivery time,5)Live tracking is availble,6)Charges for 1 Kg=90Rs,6)Not affordable for farmers

Delivery service of any Products will be sent through VRL, NAVATA, TCI, ARC, etc... any transport

NOTE: We Don't offer cash on Delivery because our goods will be heavy in Weight courier partner won't accept huge weight materials

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